What’s on in Kacheta?

What’s Up in 2021:

We are so proud of the Kacheta Permaculture Club. They received a prize of 500 k from SCOPE for singing Zambia’s national anthem. Look at this:

What’sUp in 2020:

Distributing seeds for use at home Oct 2020:

Oct.13th 2020 Kennedy and Limbani went to Kacheta as representants for Home of Hope Zambia. The mission was to distribute seeds to the Permaculture Club for personal use in their own gardens. In the videos you can hear their thankfulness and what the seeds are for. We are very proud of the Club.

We will plant and intercrop. We will use bokashi and liquid manure made by ourselves!
A good statement by the Permaculture club
Thank you, SCOPE Zambia!
Seeds for the Permaculture club in Kacheta for personal use at home.


What’sUp in 2019:

What’sUp in 2018:

What’sUp in 2017:

The most important thing happening in 2017 was the Permaculture course in Kacheta on our farm L2. We made an article about that. See here: Training in Permaculture in September 2017