Report from 2019

Juanita, Jedidah and Priest, Shekina and Ps Eddy’s children.
Shekina and Pastor Eddy

SOHI visits Zambia (Oct / Nov): 2019 has been an eventful year. Wenche, Lena, Lasse and Micke visited Zambia in November and there was a lot of preparation for the trip. We had received 17 computers from a government
institution in Oslo. Many weeks of efforts from Roger, Wenche, Lena and Mona were spent cleaning and installing Office packages, licenses and other programs. We were granted donations of the Office package from Microsoft via Techsoup. We planned visits to the school, the village and a party with our school children. Preparation of working documents and meetings with Pastor Dodo and Shekina, Mugove, L Kazadi and Home of Hope Zambia’s annual meeting. Wenche and Lena had a long weekend in August in Tanum, Sweden, where we prepared a lot in collaboration and telephone contact with Home of Hope Zambia. We bought gifts and suitcases for the computers.

The Permaculture Club sings, dances, resitates and plays for us

Visit to Kacheta Primary and Secondary School: We had a very positive experience visiting the school. We were there with Shekina and Eddy Bushitse and it was a warm African welcome with singing, dancing and speeches by teachers and students. We offered coffee, handed out pens, exercise books and jeans and that we gave 2 computers to the head teacher Ruth, who is the driving force behind the school project. We also printed t-shirts for the children with Home and Hope Zambia logo on. Shekina took a course in permaculture in the autumn of 2018 and committed to teaching in two schools for three years. Kacheta is one of these schools where children are taught in the so-called permaculture club where students in both theory and practice have started to build a permaculture cultivation around the school. In interviews with some of the children, they were so proud to learn permaculture cultivation, partly to grow to get food for the day but also to get a healthy and organic diet and a strong body, as they put it. Some were also interested in continuing their education to become farmers and trainees in permaculture.

Happy for their water pump bringing life to the village

Kambumbwe village (Mungule area) and follow-up: A lot has happened in Kambumbwe village since the last visit in 2017. The bumpy sandy road has today become a straight fine asphalt road. New houses, buildings and factories have sprung up along the way. The infrastructure has been developed.

We gather under the tree as usual

The water well that was installed 2 years ago has been very positive for the development in the village. The villagers can wash, wash and wash clothes. They have the opportunity to grow vegetables, eat healthy food and stay healthy and also build houses from homemade building materials from water and sand. We got the impression that they feel better, both the children and the adults. Those we met looked happier and healthier. Above all, the children were more energetic and had clearer and more alert eyes. There are still major problems with HIV, other diseases and poverty, etc. but it is a step in the right direction. Home and Hope Zambia plans to have a course in permaculture later.
77 school children have received school uniforms and shoes through collection by Sheila Alverbäck. We gathered under the same tree as before. Pastor Eddy Bushitse preached, we sang and Lena and Wenche greeted in a few words. It was a nice time with coffee and juice, mixed with water from our own well and distribution of clothes.

One plant on L2 before the goats ate it….

L2 plot: Intense heat and lack of water has dried out shrubs and trees. In October, some goats ate the dry grass on the plot. The owner, a farmer in the neighborhood, had borrowed the plot while waiting for a fence being set up on his own plot. The gate and lock are now ok, but the house has unfortunately a broken window and a broken interior door. A young man lived there until December 2019, but he did not take responsibility for either the house nor the land. Now a family lives there and hopefully takes responsibility. Pastor Eddy Bushitse pays 1000 kwacha / month until the first harvest of vegetables and fruits. Fortunately the water pump worked and that the house is so thoroughly and smartly built that it keeps the heat out.

L14 plot: It has not made a decision on what we should do on the plot. We have not received any feedback on the leasing agreement that was sent to potential interested parties this year. We lack resources both of money and competent people who can run a business. We have raised a proposal that Limbani Manda could be responsible for operations ex. construction of knowledge centers and democents for young people in permaculture. (Possibly in collaboration with Lush and Scope). This is something that the authorities in Lusaka province can support financially.

From the left: Jackson has been with us since 2009, Wenche and Jackson’s mum, Felitus

The school children: Most of the children we have supported since 2008 have grown into young people. Most have done very well and 11 out of 15 young people will go on to university. A guy, Jackson has entered the medical field, Madalitso is training in administration and Shekainah plans to do the same. Two young girls want to become physiotherapists, two teachers and two pilots and more. At home with our host family, we had arranged a dinner party. Each child / youth boldly shared something they had done to please a fellow human being. They received medals as encouragement and chocolate for dessert. For the young people who have started college / higher studies, we provided a computer. We handed over financial support to the young people who went to primary school. Furthermore, we gave 3 scholarships to some who would start at the university. We have monthly supporters in Sweden and Norway for school children. Three of the young people have gotten jobs and one of them has started a large chicken farm with thousands of chickens. He, Fidellia Chiila, called Wenche on weekdays and showed videos and happily told about what he and his friend had accomplished. Fidellia was so grateful and greeted everyone who supported him over the years. He said he would never have been where he is today if it had not been for us.

Home and Hope Zambia (HOHZ):  We participated in the second annual meeting 4 Nov. 2019 (the last annual meeting was in September 2017) and they voted for a new board.  There is a  progress of having a formal structure and developing competence in the administrative area and has gained new members who seem to be willing to take responsibility.  They see the importance of following rules and protocols and have received demands from the authorities in Zambia to report annual protocols and pay annual fees otherwise they lose their NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). This is now updated. They plan to have an annual meeting once a year.
They have made an office in the church and made posters with cards from our work these 9 years as well as HOHZ visions and mission, all these are financially supported by SOHI.
We are in the process of making a working document on goals, sub-goals, expectations, what to do and by whom and when it should be done. It is important to have the main vision in mind.

Meetings with / in Zambia: We had a rewarding meeting with Mugove Walter Nyika, our permaculture teacher and leader of SCOPE International. We evaluated the permaculture project and received good advice on further work on our plots and how to apply for funds. Annie Chikanji is the national coordinator for SCOPE Zambia. We have had telephone meetings with her from Sweden. (Annual meeting HOHZ – see page 3-4) Lawrence Kazadi is one of the leaders of the Ministry of Community in Lusaka Province. It was a nice and educational meeting and we got an overview of how the system works and good advice on how we can apply for scholarships for both primary and secondary school for our children and young people.
Both Mr. Nyika and Mr. Kazadi mentioned that documentation and reporting are very important in order to be able to collaborate and receive financial support for continued work. HOHZ needs to show that they exist.

Visit to the Church: On Sunday we went to Pastor Eddy Bushitse’s church, He has a congregation of about 150 members. It was a service with song, dance and sermon. SOHI contributed with a gift, a handmade beautiful
cross and pots that did well in the church.

2-week course in Permaculture and dissemination of knowledge:
SCOPE Zambia organized a 9-day permaculture course in December in Monze, Zambia and Limbani Emmanuel Manda and Kennedy Hachimaya participated and committed to teaching children at Primary and Secondary School in this subject in 3 years.
They should also plan (in collaboration with the children) the schoolyard with trees and plantations so the children have food when they come to school. We paid the course for them.

Remuneration for vice-chairman in Zambia: We have had 2-4 donors in Sweden and Norway who support with SEK 100-200 a month for the item.
We’ve made a deal with Chawanangwa Manda Bushitse. (Shekina). She receives compensation of 1,200 kwacha / month so that she can work with permaculture courses and long-term follow-up in schools. She also visits Kambumbwe village and provides social, spiritual and financial support to the villagers including the school children.