Seed of Hope International

“Seed of Hope International” is a non-profit voluntary association with members from Norway and Sweden, was founded by the initiative of Eddy Bushitse, Chawanangwa Rachel Manda Bushitse, Lena Moller Sundström and Wenche S. Manneråk in 2015. The vision has existed in our hearts for long. Since 2008, the ideas have moved from vision to action by financially supporting the school fees and different equipment of vulnerable children in Lusaka and prepare for future actions and investments.

The ideas and vision of the association is to contribute to a more positive development in the third world through social innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to empower women to an independent life, to self-help and combat poverty and its consequences.

The goal is to improve vulnerable women and children’s quality of life and potential through opportunities to self-provision, and give children a safe upbringing responding to their basic needs as a prerequisite for education, social and spiritual growth. The basis for this work is parts of the UN Declaration of Human Rights Article 22, 25 and 26.

One of the strategies is to own and invest in land to do agricultural cultivation and animal husbandry and launch a local Agricultural Cooperative/ Ecovillage.

In 2012, we bought land 40 km west of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. We have almost finished building a house for the caretaker. We will develop operations within the following areas: agriculture, education, permaculture farming, animal husbandry. We will also motivate and train the locals in ecological farming and permaculture. The land/ business will be a training and demonstration site for the locals from the nearby villages.

The second land we bought in 2016, 70 km west of Lusaka for ecological agriculture and permaculture.

In 2015 Seed of Hope International together with our partners in Zambia, founded the NGO, Home of Hope Zambia.

Seed of Hope International and Home of Hope Zambia are based on Christian, democratic and ecological values that safeguard the resources of nature.