Supporting Children and Youth

Our children and their mothers:
Behind from left: Jackson, Chipego, Ruth, Kaluba, Tokozani, Goodson, Prudence, Alice, Elisabeth, Melan and Mary
In front from left: Madaliso, Samson, Blessing (sister of Samson), Grace Tembo, Purity, Joyful, Naomi, Limpo, Felitus, Chipego’s bror, Jedidah, Juanita and Samsons sister.
Not present when the picture were taken: Mwelwa and Millicent Mungli, Grace and Brenda Machila, Priest.

We financially support schoolfees for vulnerable children. We have followed 25 children since 2008. After 12 years of support, most of the children have grown into youth and young people. They have done very well and the majority are going to college or university. We encourage them to follow their passion whatever good that might be. 

Two guys have entered medical school, some youth are training administration/management, two of them want to become physiotherapists, two of them teachers and two pilots. We have started by donating scholarships to a few of them and laptops to all of the young people who are going to university.

We are so proud of “our” children. Some have excellent grades at school. We meet them every time we visit (1-2 times a year) and make party for them. It’s always popular! We serve dinner and donate clothes, glasses and other things they need.
We have had a long relationship with them and have shown ourselves faithful and reliable. We think being a FAMILY is the most important that is two-ways. We encourage them therefore to contribute something to someone else.

Make a difference for these children/ young people and feel free to give a gift.

Picture from November 3rd, 2019