Our little house!
During the building process – here you also can see our gate to the left and the big difference in the green season
Waterpump on L2, – Amon, Lena and Eddy

Together with Home of Hope Zambia, we have a plot in Zambia of 20 acres (20,000 m2) (L2). It is located about 40 km west of the center of Lusaka. The plot has about 500 m fence, a lockable gate and a well with water-pump. The caretaker’s house at the gate are almost ready but we are lacking furniture, electricity and sanitation.

The entrance
The team outside the gate

In the long term, we will develop activities in the following areas: permaculture cultivation, education and animal husbandry. We will also motivate and educate the local population in organic farming and permaculture. The site will be a training and demonstration site for the locals and those from the nearby villages.

Finishing putting in the entrance door
The hallway, – kitchen to the right, bedroom to the left and bathroom straight forward

Our vision is to improve the living conditions for the vulnerable by owning and investing in land for developing organic and permaculture farming. This is a way to help to self-help. Mugove Walter Nyika has been teaching the people in our neighborhood. He is leading ReSCOPE. Follow the link to an article about his vision.

Mugove presenting

Right now a family lives there and takes care of the house and the land. They grow fruits and vegetables. The land is very furtile.

Mugove Walter Nyika had a course in permaculture on the L2 in September 2017. (See Training in Permaculture September 2017). Results of this project were substandard due to drought and lack of follow-up. Because of this education the permaculture training at the Kacheta school started. Some teachers from the school were inspired to convey the education to their school children. Shekina Bushitse from Home of Hope Zambia is responsible for this training.

We are also talking about building a training site or demonstration center for the cultivation of permaculture for vulnerable unemployed women and young people. An alternative is to build an eco-village where everyone involved in the project can live.

LAND 14 (L14)

In the autumn of 2016, we bought a second land of 140 acres (140,000 m2) approximately 70 km west of Lusaka Center (L14) organic farming and permaculture. We have different plans for this plot. But lack of money and human resources, the pace of work is slow.

One of the plans is to grow essential oils that will be used for soap and cosmetic production. The condition is to start a cooperative with the farmers in the local area to conduct the cultivation of these essential oils. With the support of LUSH, a factory will be built to extract essential oils from the crops. Lush is an international company that manufactures handmade soaps and cosmetics from organic vegetable oils.

Mugove Walter Nyika, the leader of permaculture in Zambia, already has an agreement with Lush so that we can start agricultural work. Since the plot has been vacant for two years, many chemicals and toxins have been cleared from the ground and we can start our organic farming.

Lush Norway and Lush International

Another plan is to build a democenter for permaculture cultivation for women and young people.