We have signed an agreement with Amon Silomba to make fences around 2 hectares of L14 plot for planting seeds and small plants in the nursery in fall of 2017. We need someone who can water the plants and plant them in December 2017. We sow seeds for having fruit trees, living fence and essential oils.

In August, we plan to have a meeting with all neighboring farmers to offer a deal of growing plants that provide essential oils to be used for soap and cosmetic production. If we are in the process of cooperating with farmers, we have the opportunity, supported by LUSH, to build a factory that can do the process of extracting essential oils from the crops. Lush is an international company that makes handmade soaps and cosmetics from organic vegetable oils.

Websites: https://www.lushnorge.no/ and https://www.se.lush.com

Mugove Walter Nyika is already having a deal with Lush, so we can just start growing. As the plot has waited for two years, a lot of chemicals and poisons have been cleared from the ground and we can start our organic farming.