Home of Hope Zambia

Shekina and Ps Eddy (Vice chairman and chairman)
Shekina in Home of Hope Zambia’s office in Lusaka

Jedidiah, Priest and Allisterden doing the dishes.
Eddy and Tressford
Shekina and Ps Eddy’s children. Juanita, Jedidiah and Priest

Home of Hope Zambia and Seed of Hope International are partner-organizations. Home of Hope Zambia is a NGO seated in Lusaka, Zambia.
We have the same goals and vision and work together for the mentioned projects on this homepage.

Chairman of the Home of Hope Zambia is Eddy Bushitse (the man to the left in the photo above) together with his wife and wise-chairman, Chawanangwa Manda Bushitse, also known as Shekina. They have 3 sweet children shown in the picture to the right.

Eddy Bushitse is also a pastor in a church in Chelstone, Lusaka, – Christ Elect Family Church with a prayer ministry called Home of Hope House of Prayer.
Eddy is an experienced and wise man whom we have worked with since 2009.

He has also been in Sweden several times and we have built a deep relationship.

HOHZ’s network in Zambia

Annual meeting in Nov 2019. From left: Nchimunya Sibajene, Memory Matasi, Wenche S. Manneråk, Limbani Emmanuel Manda and Susan Kasalwe

The Board:
Chairman: Ps. Eddy (Dodo) Bushitse 
Vice-chairman: Chawanangwa Rachel Manda Bushitse 
Secretary: Nchimunya Sibajene
Secretary: Enos Makewana Zulu
Treasurer: Nchimunya Sibajene
Internal auditor: Limbani Emmanuel Manda

Other contacts: Enos Makewana Zulu, Susan Kasalwe, Memory Matasi, Lena Möller Sundström and Wenche S. Manneråk, Allisterden Dalitsu Mutunda, Amon Silomba, Raphael Lombe och Bridget Mwansa.