We bought a Toyota Hilux 2009 in England 2017. This car has really been of good use for Home of Hope Zambia’s work in Zambia in visiting villages, schools, our plots and do administrative work.

Cars obviously need constant maintenance and the local association in Zambia does not have those resources. Your support is so valuable for us and vital for many people in Zambia.

Feel free to make a contribution! (See accountnumbers under the picture)

Thank You!

Toyota Hilux, the last evening in England. All is packed ready
to be shipped to Namibia, – and driven to ZAMBIA.

Bankgiro in Sweden: 5143-2540 (Sweden)
IBAN: SE90 8000 0821 4996 4438 8598
Swish (Sweden): 123 576 70 09.
Note: CAR

Home of Hope Zambia is dependent on the car at work so we are very thankful for your contribution.

Thank You!

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