Our work is very much based on technical equipment. We have a slight crisis in terms of reporting i.e. Good equipment is needed for this to work. Have you been wondering how to get rid of a computer that cannot take the largest files required now, we have an alternative for you. And have you purchased a new mobilephone and have the capacity to give away the old one? – Yes, but then we have a solution. If you would like to help at the same time, this was a good match!!! We need both computers and mobile phones before June 2018 when a “gang” from Seed of Hope International travels to Zambia.

The plan with the computers is to

  • provide a desktop computer to the manager of the area we work in. He has very difficult working conditions and no access to PC. We believe he would be able to serve the population in a much better way if he had one. He has helped us so that we have been able to establish in this part of Lusaka West.
  • Give a laptop to Dominica, who reports all the work we do among the women. She is present during all agricultural education and agricultural training of women in rural areas. She cannot do her work without a computer.
  • Give a portable to our Project Manager Amon. He is a wonderful man who organizes the construction of houses, fences, gates and is all responsible for the development of our sites. We think his work would be much easier if he had a computer.
  • bring laptops to our “kids”. We have supported them financially with school-fees since 2009 and now more people are beginning to reach university- / college-level. We would like to give them a computer if they choose to continue studying. We think it can be a good motivation and also a help in the work. There are often such practical problems that prevent them from taking that step, even if the will and desire are there.

When it comes to mobile phones, they can buy bad Chinese copies, but they do not last for so long. So many have come to Wenche with their screaming need for mobile phones. We have therefore promised that we will bring when we come next time because there is much unused in the cabinets around here, isn’t it?

CONTRIBUTE IN ONE WAY OR OTHER  – CALL OR WRITE TO WENCHE Tel: 93004056 Email: and you are helping someone!

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