We only need 6 000 SEK to finish our caretaker-house!

This is how the house and environments looked like in April 2017

We are sooo proud of our gatekeepers house. It has become so nice! This fall it was used for the first time in the courses we had in Sapalo village. Ladies from the village cooked food in the kitchen for the first time and we have even eaten in the living room!

Our little house in August 2017!

Now the walls are painted and doors and windows inserted. A last minute effort and we will be ready. Amon has made a great effort with his workers. We are incredibly grateful!

If you would like to participate in this, please send money to

The entrance

Swish: 123 576 70 09

Bankgiron Number in Sweden: 5143-2540

Or IBAN: SE90 8000 0821 4996 4438 8598 from abroad!

The house is on our plot and we can travel there to manage our work and from there take care of our 5 acres farm. We have already started educating women and men in agriculture, a self-help project.

The hallway, – kitchen to the right, bedroom to the left and bathroom straight forward

In the writing stance, December 2017, we have already had 2 courses, each of them lasting 3-5 days. One in August / September and one in October / November. It has been an amazing time.


Finishing putting in the entrance door
Dominica and Amon in the living room

Thanks a lot for all support, – small or big! Amon (picture) and his folks are ready to finish as soon as the money is there. He is both effective, good at communicating with the villagers and effective in his management.

Go Amon, go!

Amon, our Project Manager