Borehole at Kambumbwe


The well and the cultivation two year later 2019

Water for making building materiales

We have visited the village of Kambumbwe 5 times, – the last time 2 years ago, and a lot has happened during that time. The rugged sandy road has become a fairly nice asphalt-road. New houses, buildings and factories have sprung up along the road. The infrastructure has also been developed. The well we drilled 2 years ago is very positive for the development of the village. The people have opportunities to bath, wash the dishes and do laundry. They can grow vegetables, eat healthy food and stay healthy and well. They also mix water with sand and build houses. We got the impression that the children, young people and adults are better off. They looked happier and healthier. Above all, the children were more energetic and had clearer and fresher eyes. There are still problems with HIV, disease, poverty, etc. but this is hugh steps in the right direction.
Home of Hope Zambia plans a course in permaculture later at
that same place.

Gathering under the tree.

As before, we gathered under the same big old tree. Pastor
Eddy preached, we sang and Lena and Wenche greeted
chosing their words well. Then “swedish fika” and juice
(mixed with their own water) for everyone and distribution of clothes from Norway and Sweden.
Wonderful moments!!


Finally clean water! What a joy!
Waiting in expectancy!

Imagine they got water for the first time in history! Now they have the opportunity to develop agriculture, get clean water for washing, drinking and cooking. Everyday is radically changed. Imagine if you lived in the heat and did not have access to clean water.

The possibilities for keeping yourself healthy have risen radically!

We gathered to celebrate clean WATER!

So we celebrated: Sunday, September 3, 2017, there was a big party with buns and soft drinks, speaches, clipping of the string and initiation of the well. Our organization was represented by Sheila and Wenche, and both were speaking. Sheila told us the story when she saw the lack of water in the village last year and how it caught her heart. The leader of the village and Eddy Bushitse, who conveyed contact and spoke faithfully there for a long time, also spoke.

The children and their mothers were happy to join!
Speaches and cutting of band around the pump!

We rented a bus and also brought some of our “children”, which we have supported financially with school fees since 2009. We encourage them to help others since they themselves had received support. Then they shared food, drinks and clothes for the villagepeople as well as providing photographing and video-recording of the entire party!


A THOUSAND THANKS to all who have supported the CLEAN WATER project.