Agricultural Project Kacheta

We are cooperating with SCOPE Zambia on a School Project in two Schools, – one in Lusaka and Kacheta Primary and Secondary School.

Lots have happened in Zambia the last half year (2018-2019) that brings joy and happiness! Thanks to Shekina who has passed the Permaculture course with SCOPE Zambia and has now started teaching at 2 schools. They plan how the school yard will look like with trees, plants, vegetables and fruit-trees. Then they implement the plans. The pupils, teachers, parents and school management are all eager and when Shekina returned the second time (in Feb 2019), they had done a lot. It’s incredibly encouraging!
After the first day of the course, everyone received a diploma. On the one picture in the slideshow, you can see them proudy showing it.

Some of the children walk far before getting to school. They do not eat until they leave home and after a 10 km, they need to sit on the school bench and be ready to learn. Of course they are NOT – with an empty stomach.

With fresh fruits and vegetables in the schoolyard, they can eat whenever they want and just pick the school food. Then, of course, the students become more obvious to take on lessons.

We are expanding! Thanks Shekina and thanks to Mugove Walter Nyika and SCOPE Zambia that is working with us!

WE run this project in collaboration with SCOPE ZAMBIA. The founder of SCOPE ZAMBIA, Mugove Walter Nyika, is related to both Permaculture Worldwide Network and Global Ecovillage Network. Mugove Walter Nyika is also a wellknown international course leader.

Bread for the World from Germany support SCOPE ZAMBIA financially.

School-children, school-leaders and parents planning Permaculture in the schoolyard
Mapping and planning stage: Activity, resources needed, personal needs, start and end.
They worked in groups and one student is presenting the outcome of his group.
Name on different seeds
Starting to grow