SOHI (Seed of Hope International) is visiting Zambia October 24th -November 8th 2019

We are 4 travellers looking forward to go to Zambia this year – Lena, Lasse, Micke and Wenche! We haven’t visited for awhile, so there is a lot to discuss, visit and follow up.

(Two of the travellers are in the picture above: Lena Möller and Lasse Sundström. The pic is from our SOHI-weekend in Bjørknes, Norway, November 2018 and you see from left: Mona, Roger, Lasse, Karin and Lena)

Wenche, SOHI-weekend, Nov 2018

The highlight so far is the 18 computers we are going to bring. In the moment of my writing, we are preparing them with english language Windows and even adding some programs (i.e. adobe and Open office). It’s a lot of work, but we are seeing the children’s eyes when we tell them that there is a computer waiting for them.
We have followed up and supported “our kids” since 2009 with school-fees. They were chosen by the locals as being vulnerable. Our goal was to empower them, giving them hope, and ensure their education. Now they have grown up and some of them are already entering university. We are so proud of them. At one point we asked them about their passion. We wanted them to find out which part they were playing in serving the world. Some answered footballplayer, other medical doctor, or pilot, nurse a.s.o We want to see them succeed.

And now we will bring all those computers and most of them are for our kids. Those that choose to do higher education, we will offer a computer. So I am very excited! I look so much forward to see them work hard in their studies and reach the passion of their hearts. We will write a review when we come home.

We also have a passion to see Zambians take care of their land and cultivate it the permaculture way. In that way they can feed a family on 15m2. There is a lot of land in Zambia, but very little of it are being cultivated. We are therefore creating a scholarship for those children having a passion for agriculture and wants to study this. So we are looking forward to see this being reality. PLEASE HELP US MAKING THIS VISION TRUE, by donating to this project. (See SUPPORT US). It can change the country and the life of the people. Right now many are suffering of lack of food it is not available or too expensive for them. By learning the permaculture way of cultivating, food will never be a problem any longer.

As usual we will find a way to celebrate with the children, perhaps by making dinner and eat and celebrate together. We will also have awards for the kids for different things they have accomplished whether it is in football, at school, a job or another accomplishment.

VISIT L2, L14 and KAMBUBWE village
We would love to visit our two farms and see what is happening there. Last time we were visiting, Kambubwe village was our focus. We bored for water and the village got water for the first time. Prior to that day, they had to walk for quite awhile to find it. So it was a big change for them. Now they can grow their own vegetables, drink clean water and even wash themselves. This has made their health and life much easier and the resources that now are available for them, give them even strength to work, go to school, study and have a lifestyle of creativity, ideas and progress. In their heat, they could not gather strength to do this with insufficient availability of water and food. We look forward to see the difference.
We will look at the possibilities of having a permaculture course in Kambubwe village also like we are describing below. We would like to meet up with a team from Home of Hope Zambia together with SCOPE Zambia and hopefully this dream will become true now. As they have access to water, the next step is to teach them how to cultivate the land in a good way, the old way that has been lost during the years , – not from the west, but resurrect their own old ways.

Shekina has been leading very successful permaculture courses in two schools. We are hoping to be part of what she is doing and see the difference. We have visited Kacheta Primary and Secondary School many times, but now the kids, their parents and the teachers have planted fruit-trees and bushes, – and harvest a lot of vegetables and fruits. They have worked hard and eagerly and we look very much forward to see the results.

Last but not least – rather the most important: Of course we look forward to meet our family and friends in Zambia and have fellowship with them, share hearts, – both the good and the bad!


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