HOHZ’s CAR has been to service

The Toyota Hilux 2009 we bought in England in 2017 had some serious challenges that needed our immediate attention, but now timing belt, fan belt, two bearings on the alternator and service are all fixed.

An incredibly kind repairman gave us a good price: 3 450 SEK all inclusive. The car has been a great blessing but now it said stop.

Cars need constant maintenance and there is little funds for this in the local association, so please make a contribution to ensure that our car works and rolls on in the future. There are bad roads in Zambia so car-maintenance is a high cost and you can join in contributing. Note the contribution: CAR

Bankgiro in Sweden: 5143-2540 (Sweden)
IBAN: SE90 8000 0821 4996 4438 8598
Swish (Sweden): 123 576 70 09.
In Norway: 9801 58 13830. Home of Hope Zambia is dependent on the car in the work, so we are incredibly happy about contributions. THANK YOU!

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