Pär Alverbäck wanted a borehole for the village as a present at his 50th birthday AND NOW HIS WISH HAS COME TRUE!


The picture is from breakfast 31st of May! And we see a happy Pär! So far he has received more than 41,000 SEK.

We in the Seed of Hope International are extremely grateful to Pär and his wife Sheila who have taken the initiative to raise money and make this borehole! They travel to Zambia August 25th to make Sheila’s dream from last year in Zambia come true.

We visited the village and discovered that they actually did not have public water. There were a few private 5 km away from which they occasionally were allowed to draw, but not as a safe source.

So Seed of Hope International promised to speak on behalf of the village when we got home, and Sheila really did. She and Pär adopted this project and we are grateful for that.

Here are Sheila and Pär in Hofors, Sweden, where they live. A beautiful couple, right?

Pär wrote this: We travel to Zambia for 3 weeks to drill 2 wells. We pay for the journey and living expenses, but we want to raise money for the wells. I, Pär Alverbäck, will be 50 years old but does not want presents but gladly money for the wells. So you want to make life richer for this tribe, and perhaps you would like to donate money for this.


21 August 2017 started the drilling! And imagine, we found some water at 10 meters, but at 30 meters it started to flow: 10 liters per second! So we drilled down to 50 meters to ensure access. You could see the happy expressions in their faces.

Waiting in expectancy!

Imagine they got water for the first time in history! Now they have the opportunity to develop agriculture, get clean water for washing, drinking and cooking. Everyday is radically changed. Imagine if you lived in the heat and did not have access to clean water.

Finally clean water! What a joy!

The possibilities for keeping yourself healthy have risen radically!

We gathered to celebrate clean WATER!

So we celebrated: Sunday, September 3, 2017, there was a big party with buns and soft drinks, speaches, clipping of the string and initiation of the well. Our organization was represented by Sheila and Wenche, and both were speaking. Sheila told us the story when she saw the lack of water in the village last year and how it caught her heart. The leader of the village and Eddy Bushitse, who conveyed contact and spoke faithfully there for a long time, also spoke.

Speaches and cutting of band around the pump!

We rented a bus and also brought some of our “children”, which we have supported financially with school fees since 2009. We encourage them to help others since they themselves had received support. Then they shared food, drinks and clothes for the villagepeople as well as providing photographing and video-recording of the entire party!
In the conversation on our way home, everyone expressed that this had made an impres

The children and their mothers were happy to join!

sion and that they were very happy that they could help.


A THOUSAND THANKS to all who have supported the CLEAN WATER project.